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Dr. Stewart will examine your face and take photographs for your medical record. You may be asked to point out exactly what you would like to see improved. You should be very frank in discussing anything about your appearance that bothers you, as well as what you hope to achieve with surgery. This will help Dr. Stewart understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved.

In evaluating you for facelift surgery, Dr. Stewart will assess the thickness, texture and elasticity of your skin, and the severity of wrinkles and folds. Your hairline will be examined to determine where incisions can be discreetly placed. All of these factors, as well as your bone structure and underlying tissues, will be considered in developing an individual surgical plan.

Dr. Stewart may discuss additional procedures with you that can be performed along with a facelift in order to address all the concerns you have identified. For example, a facelift is frequently combined with eyelid surgery.

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