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Skin Rejuvenation


Skin rejuvenation can be accomplished by several different techniques. Dr. Stewart will examine your skin and take photographs for your medical record. He will consider such factors as your complexion, wrinkle positions and the degree of loose skin.

You may be a good candidate for skin rejuvenation if you have one or more of the following conditions:

Wrinkled or sun-damaged facial skin

Vertical wrinkles around your mouth, such as those that cause lipstick "bleed"

Lines around the eyes and some skin laxity (or looseness) in your lower eye lid area

Fine wrinkling of your upper eyelids

Brown spots or blotchy skin coloring

Certain pre-cancerous skin growths

Scars left by or caused from Acne or chicken pox

Superficial facial scars from a past injuries

What are the different types of chemical peels?

A trichloracetic acid (TCA) peel is often used for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentary changes and skin blemishes. Many patients can benefit from having TCA applied not only on the face but also on the neck and other parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun. For spot peeling of limited areas such as around the mouth or eyes, TCA formulas are often preferred because they have less bleaching effect than solutions containing phenol, another popular peeling agent. For the same reason, some surgeons have found TCA to be effective in treating darker-skinned patients. Milder TCA peels can be repeated frequently in order to achieve cumulative effects, or TCA can be used to achieve a medium or even a deep peel, depending on the acid concentration and manner of application.

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